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Preparing your child for the birth of a sibling: 4 creative tips to encourage family bonding.

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Girl Holding PlantSo you have a toddler, maybe a school aged child and now you’re pregnant again.  The first time around you and your partner took all the steps to prepare everything just in time for baby’s arrival:

The nursery – coordinated to perfection.

The birth plan – printed (with copies to spare).

So now that your estimated due date for THIS baby has been discussed and you feel it closing in week by week, what are your plans for getting ready to birth again? 

  • Have you and your partner talked about what worked the first time and what didn’t?
  • Have you talked with your child about what birth will be like for you and for them?
  • What sounds will you make, where will you go, who will come help you?
  • HOW WILL BABY COME OUT!?  Your child will ask at one point.

Here are 4 creative ways to prepare your child for the birth of a sibling:

4.  Share a photo book of your child’s pregnancy and birth journey with them.  Get out their ultrasound pictures, their birth book and footprints.   Talk to your child about what they have heard or know.  Your child is always listening and shaping their perception of the world around them.  Simply ask and let them tell you.  If they can’t talk yet, let them show you.  Make art, draw a picture or dance.  Open the creative opportunity for them to tell you their birth story.

3.  Explore voices and sounds with your child and the baby in your womb.  Choose a time when baby is active and try to encourage your child to talk with, sing to or engage with your belly.  Reading books or telling stories where your child touches your belly are excellent ways to get started.

2.  Relax and imagine together.  Lie down with your child, your partner, and even the family pets and tell the story of what this birth looks like for you in your imagination.  Use some beautiful music to support your epic story. Practice relaxing together every night.  You might be amazed at what stories unfold and begin.

Finally, the #1 tip for preparing your child for the birth of a sibling is to invest in a childbirth education class and include them in it.  Most hospitals will offer a sibling prep course and these are generally led by the postpartum or OB unit nurses.  If it’s offered, check it out.  But, please also consider finding a quality childbirth education class that explores the needs of your entire family as you prepare for birth again.  Having conversations with your partner, child and family before your birthing time begins can put your mind and body at ease, making labor a more welcoming and calm experience for everyone.

“It was such a great experience to be able to spend the night bonding with my husband and our baby. It gave us the confidence to have some extra tools to utilize during labor and opened up some wonderful conversations.”


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