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Music Therapists can now earn continuing education credits through Creative Childbirth Concepts®. Sign up Today!

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They’re called CMTEs and for many music therapists these letters are the gold standard for continuing education.  100 CMTEs are required to renew  board certification status every five years.  After re-certifying three times now, I’ll tell you those five years pass too quickly! As a growing field of allied health professionals, music therapists are constantly seeking innovative ways to earn credits while learning about the newest, most effective applications of music therapy.

Now there is a new choice.

Creative Childbirth Concepts® is now pre-approved to offer CMTE credits through the Certification Board for Music Therapists.


What is The Certification Board for Music Therapists?

The mission of Creative Childbirth Concepts® is to provide unique and creative based educational experiences about music therapy for the general public and training for skilled service providers such as board certified music therapists, creative arts therapists, counselors, physicians, corporate administrators and community birth agencies.

Creative Childbirth Concepts® meets this vision by creating and sponsoring  courses that impart information about applications and benefits of music during the perinatal spectrum.  We aim to increase awareness for the role of music therapists in perinatal health and the profession of music therapy as a whole. Educational workshops for music therapists on topics like supervision, ethics, self-care, and clinical skill development in perinatal settings are a large part of achieving this mission.

“By teaching the MTBC to understand music as a resource during perinatal health and wellness, we’ll continue to heighten the public awareness of music therapy as a tool for fully embracing life.”

headshot-2016Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC
Continuing Education Director at Creative Childbirth Concepts®

Stay tuned for information on our educators and announcements of  upcoming CMTE courses  by subscribing to our CMTE Email list!

For additional information about joining Creative Childbirth Concepts®
as an educator or provider
please contact:
Continuing Education Director Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC



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