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“Doula” or professional labor support services, music therapy assisted childbirth, creative arts birthing for prenatal education, workshops focusing on music therapy for prenatal and perinatal care.  Compassionate, continuous labor support from conception through early childhood. Consultation on designing your ideal birth experience, assembling your birth team and achieving the gentle birth you desire.    Customized playlists and music for birth workshops are available.  Professional training and consultation for music therapists, doulas and other birth professionals.  Gift certificates available.


Established in 2007  Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC, doula, founded Creative Childbirth Concepts out of the need to inform birthing couples about music as a tool for comfort during labor and delivery and how music therapy is a research based practice that can impact their entire childbirth experience and parenting journey.  The foundation of Creative Childbirth Concepts is rooted in evidenced based practices of music and music therapy during prenatal bonding and childbirth as well as basic principles of birth psychology, natural birthing and gentle parenting.  Couples nationwide hire Kate for consultation on designing their perfect music playlist for birth and end up learning so much more about the process of birthing and how to elevate their prenatal experience using creativity.    Kate has found a unique way to offer childbirth education by paring it with creative arts and music therapy applications to help turn your “informed childbirth” class into a creative, memorable and empowering experience.

Kate Taylor has practiced as a board certified music therapist since 1999 and holds a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from Saint Mary of the Woods College.  Kate has been trained as a labor support doula since 2007.  Since that time, Kate has passionately integrated her knowledge of music and it’s effect on the brain and body into pre and perinatal music therapy practice.  Kate has been called a pioneer in the field of music therapy assisted childbirth, working directly with researchers and developers to provide outcome based measures for music therapy in birth care.  Kate is a certified specialist in music therapy assisted childbirth and certified to teach childbirth education using integrated creative arts approaches in prenatal education.

For more information about services visit or call Kate at 216-704-6595.

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