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How to get creative while giving birth.

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When  you’re pregnant, everyone has seems to have advice for you:

“You’ve got to get this stroller.”

“You’re going to want the epidural!”

“Don’t eat deli meat or sushi.”

“You’d better hire a doula.”

Well, what advice works for some, does not always work for everyone. There are seemingly 7 billion different ways to learn about and prepare for childbirth too.  There are birth prep classes that help you focus on breathing, childbirth models that help your partner learn to support you, and there are even birthing techniques that encourage hypnosis or ask you to travel inward to explore your fears before giving birth.

At Creative Childbirth Concepts we believe that as humans we are inherently creative.  We are designed to express ourselves through art, music, movement.  This does not change when we are pregnant.    We can relate to others through these same types of creative expressions.   Even eye contact and body language are part of our creative expression.  So,  our classes are designed to encourage you to get creative before, during and after birth.

Move your body. Don’t take labor lying down!  Research the best out-of-bed labor positions and in-bed labor positions so that no matter what type of birth you have (medicated or un-medicated) you have options to move.  Moving your body during birth helps create more space within the pelvis and allows you to work with your baby and help your baby navigate through as he or she descends for birth.

Pregnant woman

Walk, move, dance and sway during labor.


Use Music.  Using music during gentle movement practices makes moving your body that much easier.  You see, when music plays and there is a gentle steady tempo, your brain will be activated to plan motor movement that coordinates, or synchronizes with that musical tempo.  Ever find yourself tapping your toes without meaning to?  ipodWhile in labor, any music you’ve practiced to during prenatal relaxation or movement routines will trigger or cue your body to return to that state of mind:  relaxed, moving gently and encouraging your baby to come down.   Not sure what type of music to use, check out Tips from a board certified music therapist.

Bring Inspiration into your birthing space.  We’ve covered moving and bringing music to change up your birth space but what about meaningful visual art and items of significance?  Maybe you had a mother’s blessing, baby shower or special day to honor your baby.  Look at the items used for that day that made you feel special.  Maybe a banner or a decoration, a small token or favor from the shower.  Bring those items with you as a “art installation” if you will.  Not to just “decorate” but to bring meaning into the birthing space for you.  Perhaps you created a special piece of art for the baby’s nursery  with your partner or turned your birth plan into a “vision board.”   Don’t be afraid to bring your belongings, those things that make you feel like you belong or baby belongs, into your birthing environment.DB mandala crop.jpeg  If that is at home, create a nest or a room that you will go to and labor when you need time to reflect or be motivated.  If your birth plan involves moving to a birth center or hospital for delivery, pack the most important items on top so you can put up your flags, banners or art as soon as you arrive to help comfort your space.

Classes with Kate Taylor of Creative Childbirth Concepts® help expecting couples learn to use these and many other creative ideas during birth prep and birthing time.   Creative Childbirth classes give birth teams time to connect, express and make their birth vision into something tangible to take with.  For some that is a playlist, for others sculpture and art, flags and inspirational mantras.

What does being creative for birth mean to you?  Let us know what you did or plan to do to make your birth creative.  You never know, you may inspire someone else.   It’s your Birth.  Be Creative.

Learn more by visiting and register for our upcoming three part birth class series at Premier Wellness and Chiropractic in Crystal Lake, IL. Class start October 14th, running Friday nights 7:00-8:30 for three weeks.  Classes conclude October 28th!

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